Django CMS: Permission pitfalls

On my latest journey through the lands of Django CMS, I struggled with some permission issues.
While Django CMS is convenient and a good CMS choice in general, it turns out to have some inconsistencies buried in the permission system.

My scenario

The requirements I have for the permission system in my current project are:

  • All CMS pages should be available only for authenticated users
  • Editing shall only be allowed for staff
  • Some pages should be only visible to a certain group

These requirements are somehow basic, right?

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Software and code quality

Software and code quality matters because it is directly related to maintainability and therefore to the costs for developing software systems, and for extending them with new features.

Measuring and evaluating software and code quality objectively is a difficult task which is illustrated by the following quote in a funny way:

The only valid measurement of code quality is WTFs/minute
Thom Holwerda

This implies that the only way to measure software quality is a subjective, individual and broad process. This is certainly true to some extend, but we believe that it is possible to apply concrete practices and methods to ensure a good software quality.
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